The Enchanting Blue-Eyed Cat Captivating Hearts with Over 300,000 Fans on Instagram and Facebook ‎

December 11, 2023

The most remarkable feature of Coby the Cat is his magnificent blue eyes, which have won him numerous fans on social media. He has amassed over 279,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 3,000 on Facebook. These are impressive numbers considering that he only started his social media presence in June 2015.

Purrrfect: Coby the Cat has stunning icy blue eyes and a snow white coat

Coby the Cat is absolutely adorable with his sparkling icy blue eyes and a beautiful snow-white fur coat.

Eye see you: Coby has rocketed to fame on Instagram and has more than 275,000 followers

Have you met Coby, the British Shorthair cat who has become an Instagram sensation? In just eight months since his debut, Coby has garnered over 275,000 followers thanks to his unique features and charming personality. Unlike the traditional solid grey British Shorthair with copper eyes, Coby stands out with his rare pure white coloring and striking icy blue eyes. However, it’s not just his appearance that draws in fans. According to his Instagram bio, Coby boasts an even bigger personality than his captivating eyes. With their calm temperament and good nature, British Shorthairs are already a beloved breed, but Coby takes it to a whole new level.

Blue steel: Coby is a British Shorthair cat, many of which are grey with copper eyes

Meet Coby, a charming British Shorthair kitty with striking copper eyes. These felines are often known for their grey fur, but Coby is special with his unique blue steel coat.

Cheers: Coby often poses for photos for holidays like New Year’s Eve (above)

Coby is an adorable cat who loves posing for photos, especially during holidays like New Year’s Eve. His Instagram account tells us that he enjoys tuna, stealing covers, and playing with his rubber duck in the tub. The identity of his owners and his location are unknown, but it is evident that they love spending time with him and celebrating occasions together. Coby’s Instagram feed is filled with pictures of him dressed up in different costumes for various events. For instance, on New Year’s Eve, he was all set to party with a bow tie and a champagne glass.

Pawsome: Coby has a big personality and loves tuna and ‘stealing covers’ according to his Instagram description

Coby, the adorable feline with a huge personality, is an absolute fan of tuna and has a knack for ‘stealing covers’, as described on his Instagram profile. He’s just pawsome!

Pirate’s life for me: Coby only joined Instagram eight months ago and has already turned pirate (above)

Coby recently embraced the pirate lifestyle on his Instagram account, despite only being a member for just eight months.

Me-ow: It’s not known where Coby lives, although he is often dressed for the cold in jumpers and scarves

Purr-fectly Stylish: The whereabouts of Coby’s residence remains a mystery, but one thing’s for sure – he knows how to dress for any occasion. You’ll often find him donning cozy jumpers and scarves in preparation for colder weather. If you scroll through his Instagram, you’ll even spot him dressed as a pirate with the cute caption, ‘Yo ho ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me-ow! Happy Halloween from Captain Coby.’ Don’t be fooled though, Coby can also rock the summer look with his stylish scarves and jumpers. With his stunning eyes and confident poses, it’s clear that Coby is a natural in front of the camera.